About Us

About Us

  1. Introduction of TIP

Telephone Industries of Pakistan was established in 1952 to meet the requirements of Telecommunication Switching Equipment of the country. The two shareholders of the company were  Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. and M/s Siemens Germany with an authorized capital of 100 million Rupees.

The management of the company vests in Board of Directors consisting of 08 members (06 from PTCL & 02 from Siemens). The main functions of the company was  to plan, produce, install, test and commission the telephone exchanges and supply telephone instruments. Beside telecommunication equipment TIP is producing a variety of other products like Containers Shells, Single Phase Energy Meters, Fire Alarm equipment & Drop Wire. TIP is also an ISO-9001 certified company.

Telephone Industries of Pakistan is a huge complex having sufficient Technical know how and required production facilities to the maximum extent which can accommodate new projects / products in it without any additional investment on infrastructure.


TIP is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. TIP is also manufacturing allied equipment for Telecom Sector such as: Fire Alarm System, Reflectors, Stepladder, Mini Distribution Strips (Horizontal / Vertical Siemens series 70), DDF, MDF (Main Distribution Frames) etc.

Outside Plant i.e. 10-pair DP Box (Pole & Pillar type and Cross connect Cabinet (robust design) upto 2,400 pairs connection with IDC Module (Installation Displacement Contact) which is prime requirement of IT & Data transfer.

Drop wire for subscriber connection. Terminal equipment, which includes Telephone sets of different types having different features like CLI, Memory, Redials etc. compatible with digital exchanges.

Container exchanges, it needs no building, easily transferable can be installed quickly to any required location no matter what the climate may be.

  1. TIP has also the following manufacturing capabilities / facilities and is rendering its services in the areas:
  2. Fabrication workshops for Sheet Metal Cutting and Punching, Turning, Milling, Plastic Molding, Designing and manufacturing of complete progressive cutting tools, plastic and pressure costing moulds, jigs, fixture and precision gauges etc.
  3. Precision Single / Double sided printed circuit boards and thick film open circuit hybrid manufacturing plant.
  4. Electroplating for copper, nickel, gold, silver, chromium, tin, zinc & spray painting.
  5. Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT).

TIP has also the facilities to train the staff required for all above activities such as Tool Designing, Tool Making, Machinist, Electro-mechanics, Fitters and Electronic Technicians