The Company is presently engaged in manufacturing and sale of telecommunication equipment including following major products and services:

  • Telephones:
  • Euro sets
  • CLI sets
  • Steno sets ( Set of one master & one slave set).
  • Telecommunication Self-Supporting PCS/ Cellular/



Wireless Internet Communication Towers:

  • LS -Series
  • MS-Series
  • HS –Series
  • Telescopic-Series
  • Trailer system for towers
  • Monopoles.
  • Mobile Towers
  • Cell-On-wheels (COW)


  • Antenna mounts brackets.
  • BTS and Diesel Generator steel structure canopy.
  • Aluminum Roof-Top Quad Mounts.
  • BTS/ BSC Equipment room / generator rooms & shelters.
  • Power Distribution Box including:
  • ACDB
  • MCCB
  • Mobile Distribution Box.
  • Telephone Exchanges and Allied equipment.
  • Fire Alarm System.
  • Obstruction lights Complete solution
  • Security system including:
    • Humidity sensors
    • Fire sensors
    • AC shut down control
    • Access Control sensors


  • Air conditioner control system for IDU’s:
    • Rooms
    • Shelters
    • Containers
  • Reflectors, Stepladders, Mini Distribution Strips (Horizontal / Vertical Siemens series 70), DDF, MDF (Main Distribution Frames)


    • Single Phase meter.
    • Three Phase Meter.
  • Service Provider for installation and commissioning of exchanges.
  • Tool Designing and Manufacturing
    • Progressive cutting tools
    • Plastic moulds
    • Pressure die casting moulds
    •  Jigs & fixture
    •  Precision gauges etc.


In addition, Share Allotment Deposit against which shares have not been issued to date has been received from PTCL amounting to Rs 100 million and from Siemens amounting to Rs 49 million. While calculating the share values, the net worth of the company as determined under different valuation methods has been divided by the aggregate number of Ordinary Shares actually issued and the number of shares representing Share Allotment Deposit as per details given below:



  • Self Supported/guyed Antenna towers, Poles, Antenna mounts, brackets.

Self-supporting (free-standing) towers are designed as a universal free-standing solution to a wide range of demanding applications. Such applications for self-supporting towers might include standard microware antennas, wireless internet, cellular radio antenna platforms, mobile or LPTV antennas, PCS / GSM radio towers, etc. Our free standing towers are designed to meet the most stringent codes.  Heavy duty Galvanized Steel towers are ideal for most communication needs, including transmission, wireless internet, and cellular and antenna radio towers.